* Use clothing and footwear fitted for the mountain environment, weather state and beware that weather changings may happen suddenly and violently.
* Get information about the route you intend to hike, concerning length, difficulty, level differences. It would be desirable to have a map/guide of the area.
* Choose routes depending on exercise and morale capacity of the weakest member in your group.
* Plan your trip carefully: distances, objectives, time for travel and resting. Follow your plan.
* Avoid hiking alone in a trip. Notify departure and arrival to the chalet caretaker/camping neighbors,  a.s.o. and the route you want to follow.
* Avoid alcoholic drinks before and during hiking.
* Do not forget to take a backpack with food and water reserve, a working torchlight, a small first-aid kit, a cell phone.
MOST important!!! Use a phone with a SIM card that has roaming activated/a PrePay SIM card functional in Romania. 
* Avoid alcohol while hiking.
* In case of difficulties or weather worsening during hiking, retreat to the nearest shelter-cottage/house a.s.o.
* In case of roving due to loose of track:
* Call 112 or the Mountain Rescue National Dispatch at no. 0-SALVAMONT (+40725826668) and you will be getting in touch with the nearest Mountain Rescue team.
* Follow the instructions received from the rescuers.
* If you are forced to stand longer in one place, keep the unity of the group.
* Stay awake and aware. Move constantly to prevent hypothermia. Do not drink alcohol.
In case of accident:
* React promptly and effectively to protect the injured people. WARNING! Give first-aid only if you have been trained for this and you are sure you do not harm the victim.
* Call 112 or the Mountain Rescue National Dispatch at no. no. 0-SALVAMONT (+40725826668) and give the following details:
* Your name, accident location, what happened, the time when the accident occurred, how many people are injured and/or need help location of injured people.
* Stay in the area where you have phone signal to be contacted by the rescuers. Follow the received instructions. Avoid using the phone for other unnecessary calls or applications. You will save phone battery to ensure the possibility of staying in contact with the rescuers if needed.