In Bihor County the first Mountain Rescue team was established in Șei (ex. Dr. Petru Groza) in 1982 by by local People's Council under the provisions of HCM 190/1969 .
Another Mountain Rescue team was formed in 1987 in Oradea, under the same HCM 190/1969 , the Municipal People's Council Oradea, with a sub- branch in Aleșd . 
Both formations were formed, determined by the increasing number of tourists in the Bihor Mountain area and also by the increasing number of mountaineers, cavers which prompted frequent occurrence of mountain accidents.

After 1990 along the changes in civil society in România, these structures have gone through self-dissolution or became ineffective, particularly due to a lack of financial and administrative support from local authorities. While this was happening , because access to modern equipment and the emergence of private initiative in exploiting the tourism potential of mountain areas , mountaineering and mountain specific sports experienced an impressive boom. Unfortunately, there were immediate casualties , with an increasing frequency and severity.


Consequently , in June 1995 Mountain Rescue CRSE Apuseni – Oradea is formed, a division of mountain rescue in the Regional Centre for Ecological Survey - Apuseni at the initiative of former members of Oradea Mountain Rescue Team and some of the climbing and caving club members from Oradea.



In 1997 after 8 months of pro-Mountain Rescue campaign, using all legal means for raising public and local authorities awareness, Bihor County Council established the Bihor County Public Mountain Rescue Service by overtaking Rescue CRSE Apuseni – Oradea. Bihor Mountain Rescue Service has no legal personality, being integrated in Heritage Service of the Economic Department of Bihor County Council.
In April 2002 Bihor Mountain Rescue Association was formed (A.S.M. Bihor). The founding members are the core of this Association along with the members of Oradea Mountain Rescue Service
The main objectives of A.S.M. Bihor are: 
- Supporting materially , technically , and  logistically the Bihor Mountain Rescue Public Service activity
- Rescue aid development in the mountain area of Bihor County .
Secondary objectives of A.S.M. Bihor:
- Promoting the practice of mountain tourism and sports specific mountain
- Promoting the concept of "culture and tourism education in Mountains” , especially among young people.
- Promoting at national and international scale the romanian mountain area in support of tourism development and practicing mountaineering in a civilized and safe environment .
- Assisting communities affected by  disasters , calamities , etc. , in cooperation with other institutions and local, national and international organizations who act in this regard.


In 2004 , because the association already possessed a willingness and a great potential to participate in rescue actions - recovery , regardless of their nature , A.S.M. Bihor has been invited to be part of KARISZ - charitable association, partnership established in order to assist people and communities in disaster and catastrophes , including organization in three European countries - Hungary , Slovakia and România .
A.S.M. Bihor is in fact so far the sole representative and partner from România .
Since April 2005 Bihor Mountain Rescue Service has acquired legal personality by signing an agreement between Bihor County Council and  Bihor Mountain Rescue Association,  while the mountain rescue activity is carried out under the coordination of the association, with finances from Bihor County Council. 

As of January 16, 2007 Bihor County Mountain Rescue Service was transformed into Bihor County Mountain and Cave Rescue Service, following the appearance of law 402/2006 , which defines the cave rescue activity.